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Chairman’s Message: New Initiatives

New Initiatives

As the years fly by and we go about the course of running our association, we are guided along with a seasoned and strong staff that is growing and changing with the times. The guidance and assistance they give to the Board of Directors is top flight, their morale is …

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Chairman’s Message – January/February 2016

appreciate life's encounters

Sometimes in the course of the day, news comes in, or a comment or gesture takes place that makes me take pause and appreciate all the encounters and all the people that I have crossed paths with along the way. Sometimes it is meeting a new hire on his or …

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Chairman’s Message – November 2015

Training for New Designers

I remember so well my first day on the job. I was going to college and was hired as an apprentice for the summer. I was sent to a strip mall in Alexandria, Virginia, my blue jeans held a brand new Craftsman stick ruler and a pair of channel locks, …

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