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President’s Report: Assurance

Assurance. Having faith in a product or system that tends to inspire full confidence in the end user subscriber. Assurance, not the same as insurance, is what those of us in the association management field aim to provide voluntary member participants who take advantage of programs designed to enhance business …

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Chairman’s Message

Greetings, The month of April has been both very exciting and busy for the leadership of our association. We have just concluded our second Board of Directors’ meeting of the year. Another event in April was the National Congressional Fire Services Institute (CFSI) dinner in Washington D.C. I was able …

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Developing New Leaders

Volunteering as a Path to Company Leadership This year, 2018, is the year of leadership for the NextGen Initiative (NGI). The number one challenge facing organizations worldwide is developing new leaders. We want business owners and managers to see the invaluable experience that can be gained through a path of …

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President’s Report

Battleship. An American naval vessel of sufficient size which is heavily armored and equipped with the most powerful armament, used to take part in operations of significance. The term “Battleship,” and its 4 in.-thick reinforced iron sides, was used on numerous occasions throughout the two-year term of Michael (Mike) Meehan as the American Fire Sprinkler …

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Too Busy to Train?

Abandon That Attitude and Embrace Apprenticeship Training! As business in the fire sprinkler industry picks up, more contractor companies are finding themselves with a wealth of projects to tackle. Despite the fact that this is what all contractors hope for, that kind of good fortune can also come with its …

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M/S Council Elections Held

Representatives Work on Behalf of Associate Members The American Fire Sprinkler Association (AFSA) Manufacturers/Suppliers (M/S) Council has elected its 2017-2018 members, with Mike Dooley of FlexHead Industries in Holliston, Massachusetts, voted as chairman and Chris Stason, Victaulic Company, Temecula, California; voted as vice chairman. “For the past four years, it …

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